Ka Hae Hawai'i

Ka Hae Hawaiʻi: The Hae Hawaiʻi is the Hawaiian Kingdom National flag. Our Hae Hawaiʻi is a symbol of Aloha ‘Āina, or Hawaiian Patriotism. The first iteration of the flag including the Union Jack and stripes was commissioned by the Hawaiian Kingdom’s first Mōʻī, Kamehameha I in 1816.  The standardized version we are familiar with includes eight stripes representing the eight main islands which were unified by Kamehameha I, as well as the  Union Jack;  a reminder of our friendship and intimate relationship with Great Britain. There are numerous articles in the Hawaiian Newspapers where our kūpuna declared their unwavering love for the Hae Hawaiʻi, a prominent symbol for the kingdom.  One article in the Hawaiian Newspaper Ke Koʻo Hawaiʻi describes: “He hae hoʻailona ʻia no ka holomua, ka maluhia, ka lōkahi a me ke aloha”, our flag is a symbol of progress, peace, unity and aloha.

Written by: Lāiana and Cami Kanoa-Wong

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