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Kalākaua Mask Pack

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The Royal Standard:  The Kalākaua royal standard displayed a simplified version of our Hawaiian coat-of-arms from the Kamehameha dynasty in the center.  The center shield portrays the green puela which was a tapa strip or banner in traditional times. The coat-of-arms features white, red and blue alternating stripes emblematic of our Hae Hawaiʻi in the upper left and lower right corners, and white pūloʻuloʻu in the opposite corners. Pūloʻuloʻu are tapa-covered balls which signified the presence of aliʻi.

The Monogram: His monogram is striking as it depicts a mirrored double K with Roman numeral I in the center.  This specifically signified his title of King Kalākaua I. As the official sigil of King Kalākaua, the monogram was used as his official letterhead, on clothing, buttons, pins, silverware and furniture and many other personal objects.

The Kalākaua Crown: Kalākaua's crown is featured both on his royal standard, and personal monogram.  His crown is unique in how it marries traditional European symbols of monarchy as well as ancient Hawaiian symbology.  King Kalākaua’s crown above his initials are distinctive for the identifiable taro leaves on its circlet.  The taro leaves signify Hāloa-na-ka-lau-kapalili, elder brother of Hāloa, who in Hawaiian moʻolelo was not only the first chief of the Hawaiian people, but a lineal ancestor of King Kalākaua.

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