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Lili'uokalani Mask Pack 1

3 Masks for $30!
*All proceeds will be donated to Friends of Iolani Palace*
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The Royal Standard:  The Royal Standard from the Kalakaua dynasty features 8 stripes and a simplified version of the Kingdom’s coat of arms. The word standard refers to a flag that represents a royal house, dynasty or an individual. This standard was displayed or flown when King Kalakaua and later Queen Liliuokalani was present. 

Liliuokalani’s signature:  Liliuokalani was a signature used by Lydia Liliu Loloku Walania Wewehi Kamakaeha after she was named heir to the throne. It appears on legal documents, on photographs and on ribbons she signed to raise money for charity. 

The Ornament: The personal emblem of Queen Liliuokalani is a stylized LILIU within a circular garter that bears her motto: ONIPAA (Steadfast). The garter is surmounted by the crown of the Kingdom of Hawaii.  This emblem appeared on her stationery during her reigns as Crown Princess and Queen.

Crown: Crown of the Kingdom of Hawaii

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